Can't access logerrit buildbot logs

Florian Effenberger floeff at
Mon Oct 7 05:09:21 PDT 2013

Quick update from IRC:

floeff: sberg: so, problem seems to be identified - erroneously, vm4 was 
listed as "free" in our intranet (a mistake on our side), and given to 
moggi for wiki help test. sorry for that. we will fix it by moving 
moggis vm to vm6, and booting up vm4 again. awerner tries to work on 
that soon
[2:01pm] floeff: but no need to panic, no data is list, we just need to 
bring the IPs in order again
[2:01pm] floeff: that being said, CI is still marked as testing VM in 
our intranet. if that has changed, please notify hostmaster at tdf

Stephan Bergmann wrote on 2013-10-07 13:43:
> Just had the following IRC conversation; can anybody help?
>> Oct 07 12:33:40 <sberg> floeff, getting
>> <> keeps timing out here;
>> that sth for you to look at?
>> Oct 07 13:16:26 <floeff> sberg: for the machine, imho david is
>> responsible - no clue how that thing is set up
>> Oct 07 13:17:12 <floeff> is that thingie used in production already?
>> Oct 07 13:18:41 <floeff> i just checked our intranet, sberg - reinsle
>> is listed as responsible contact for the CI machine
>> Oct 07 13:19:12 <floeff> and the IP this points to is on a machine
>> labeled as testing, it looks like
>> Oct 07 13:19:39 <sberg> reinsle, ^^^ getting
>> <> keeps timing out here;
>> that sth for you to look at?
>> Oct 07 13:34:51 <floeff> sberg: i rebooted the vm, but it seems to no
>> avail - machine runs, but ci doesn't yield anything, although web
>> server on port 80 runs. you need to poke david i think, he set that
>> machine up. maybe also reinsle or shm_get have an idea
>> Oct 07 13:37:06 <sberg> floeff, ok, thx
>> Oct 07 13:37:19 <floeff> sorry i can't be of more help here :-(
>> Oct 07 13:37:33 <floeff> it seems to be related to the service itself,
>> as load on the machine is just fine

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