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Tue Oct 8 02:16:38 PDT 2013

Hi Sophie,

As I understood the offline help is now hard to maintain. This should 
change that so that the help-wiki will be exported for each release's 
offline help. So It should make changing/translating the help easier.

Rob Snelders

Sophie schreef op 08-10-2013 09:20:
> Hi Markus, Rob,
> Le 08/10/2013 01:52, Markus Mohrhard a écrit :
>> Hey Rob,
>> 2013/10/7 Rob Snelders <libreoffice at>
>>> Hi Markus,
>>> We have spoken about exporting the help-system from the help-wiki. We 
>>> will
>>> need a html/javascript framework for that. I don't think a basic 
>>> framework
>>> will need more time then a month or 2 for me. But I think we will 
>>> also need
>>> to look at how we export the pages from the wiki because how the 
>>> pages are
>>> exported is important.
>>> Can you tell me what plugin for mediawiki you had in mind to do the 
>>> export?
>> I found DumpHTML at the mediawiki page. I wanted to try this first 
>> before
>> looking for other scripts.
>>> Is there a test-wiki to try it on to see what it does, maybe we'll 
>>> need to
>>> change the plugin to fit our needs.
>> We will get a VM from the infrastructure team soon. We will test all 
>> the
>> steps there. I'll tell you more as soon as we get the VM and have it
>> correctly set up with a wikihelp instance.
> If the l10n team is impacted by your project, please tell me, as this 
> is
> their (huge) work, I would like to keep them in the loop.
> Thanks in advance
> Kind regards
> Sophie
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