Development wiki spring (autumn) cleanup

bjoern bjoern.michaelsen at
Wed Oct 9 03:00:22 PDT 2013


at the conference, I heard multiple times that the wiki is a mess beyond
saving. Not a friend of defeatism, I took a look: The wiki currently has 2700
content pages, and the OOo wiki had >10.000 pages, when people said the same
there and I still got it cleaned up decently mostly single-handed(*).

As developers, we have actually have decent wiki pages but we should lead by
example for other teams. We currently have ~100 development wiki pages with
more than 1000 views each. If we focus on this should be able to keep that
reasonably clean without too much effort.

You find them sorted by views and linked for your convenience here:

What we should do is:
1/ DELETE pages that contain misleading content unless they can easily be fixed(**)
2/ Link as much as possible between pages to make them more discoverable
3/ Tag categories and the development menu on those ~everywhere
4/ If you wrote a awesome wikipage not on this list (less than 1000 views),
   think about the "why": its likely going back to points 2 and 3
5/ As a last resort mark stuff as "obsolete and kept for historic
   sentimentality" in red letters, but see point 1.

I hope that by leading by example we (developers) can motivate others to clean
up their part of the wiki too.



(*) with some 3000 edits, but yeah its possible.
(**) see this awesome lighting talk by Jorge Castro on the WHY:
     esp. the "I rather have it rewritten by someone with current data" point

just to make you curious, here are the top 30 development wiki pages by views: 
169049  Development
136960  Development/Easy Hacks
85318   Development/BuildingOnLinux
53141   Development/GSoC/Ideas
47032   Development/Impress/RemoteHowTo
45720   Development/Easy Hacks/Bugzilla Whiteboard Statuses
37667   Development/Crazy Ideas
35544   Development/Developers
29856   Development/Easy Hacks/lists/by Difficulty
26964   Development/Code Overview
20424   Development/WidgetLayout
20010   Development/LibreOffice4
19926   Development/Easy Hacks/lists/by Required Skill
19695   Development/How to debug
18710   Development/Impress/Remote
17603   Development/Windows Build Dependencies
15396   Development/Weekly Summary
13913   Development/How to build/Configure options
12845   Development/Easy Hacks/Completed
11172   Development/Linux Build Dependencies
10093   Development/Really basic missing features and enhancements
9264    Development/FAQ
8979    Development/GSoC
8614    Development/zh-hans
8555    Development/String Classes
8079    Development/Patch Handling Guidelines
7909    Development/Use of MailList
7759    Development/Easy Hacks/Translation Of Comments
7731    Development/BuildingOnWindows
7668    Development/Default UI Improvements
for more see:

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