Test failure

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Oct 9 07:46:48 PDT 2013

>> Maybe those Writer test should be moved to be done only for "make
>> check", and enabled for all platforms?
> My fear is that ATM if one of those Writer filter checks got broken,
> tinderboxes go red, we spam committers, and that's annoying enough that
> the problem gets fixed ASAP. For 'make check', this is less true. (I
> imagine people who run 'make check' are the same ones who use dbgutil
> and werror. :) )

Would it be possible to move them to "make check" then for non-Linux,
where they would not cause any new kind of annoyances when running
"make check"? Or would such a change be complicated?


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