LibreOffice Gerrit News 2013-10-10

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Thu Oct 10 08:00:01 CEST 2013


* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ fdo#61950 De-externalize Presentation Minimizer
  in from David Ostrovsky
+ sw: Smart-Art related UTs updated to new option
  in from Andres Gomez
+ unotools: add menu option to enable/disable Smart-Art lock
  in from Andres Gomez
+ cui: allow lines in MS filter section to have independently enabled check
  in from Andres Gomez
+ oox: added methods to lock Smart-Art edition
  in from Andres Gomez
+ fdo#51165 svg: add vertex to polygon if close command (z/Z) is detected
  in from Christina Roßmanith
+ Make ./ --help work again
  in from Arnaud Versini
+ fix for exporting of text watermark to DOCX
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#44689: fix for specific case of page restart-value 0
  in from Adam CloudOn

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ fdo#54938: Adapt connectivity module to use cppu::supportsService
  in from Marcos Souza
+ Fix for iOS scroll by pixels, and pinch to zoom
  in from Ptyl
+ fdo#63866 Remove checkbox also for new separators
  in from Samuel Mehrbrodt
+ fdo#57490 deprecate IsSpellCapitalization
  in from Thomas Arnhold
+ fix building debs with epm (find in instdir)
  in from Christian Lohmaier
+ Make CalcFocusRect look right
  in from Stephan Bergmann
+ Fix fdo#70143 by reporting swaping of positions
  in from Arnaud Versini

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:


* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ Increase number of remembered recent documents from 10 to 25
  in from Krisztian Pinter
+ startcenter: Make SC open faster by timeouting thumbnails
  in from Krisztian Pinter
+ Remove old outdated gallery images and sounds
  in from Samuel Mehrbrodt
+ fdo#69407 Putting "no fill" frame color instead of transparent by default
  in from matthieu gay
+ Remove more unusedcode
  in from Marcos Souza
+ Simplify oslThreadIdentifier on Linux 32.
  in from Arnaud Versini
+ fix polygon rendering with clip area of one line only
  in from Tsahi Glik @ CloudOn
+ Dynamically align toolbars in LibreOffice
  in from Prashant Pandey
+ fdo#36791 : fix for import of greeting card
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#66401: fix for combined characters
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ more debug logs, extra debug layer, file is not used in p3k
  in from James Michael Dupont
+ Positional Tab additions
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#64817 : fix for rectangle with image fill
  in from Adam CloudOn


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