[Bug 48024] Convert C++ unit test from JUnit to CppUnit

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--- Comment #7 from Stephan Bergmann <sbergman at redhat.com> ---
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> I would like to look into this issue. Can someone give some pointers? new to
> this

The most obvious approach would be to translate individual so-called "complex"
tests (see comment 1) from Java to C++.  Those are largely self-contained tests
that start and connect against an soffice instance (via Java
org.openoffice.test.OfficeConnection; the C++ equivalent is in
include/unotest/officeconnection.hxx) and then use remote UNO to trigger the
code under test in the running soffice.  The test code is typically located in
*/qa/complex/ directories (e.g.,
sw/qa/complex/checkColor/CheckChangeColor.java), and often makes use of helper
functionality from qadevOOo/runner/util/ (for which there may or may not be C++
equivalents).  Both building and running the tests is triggered by
*/JunitTest_*_complex.mk makefiles (e.g., sw/JunitTeste_sw_complex.mk).

In a first approximation, a corresponding CppunitTest would still connect to an
soffice process and access it via remote UNO, though in the long run it is of
course more desirable to have the code under test small and self-contained
enough so that it can run directly in the cppunit process.

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