I need some help and workaround on the following.

Janit Anjaria janit92 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 11:49:31 CEST 2013

Hey Guys!

I just have a friend who faces the following problems on his machine which
he needs fixed for his work to move smoothly.He is actually shifting from
MS Office to LO , and hence asked me to do some changes to the code so as
to solve the following problems.

1. Filter by color caption in LibreCalc not available

2. Print Quality ( MS Vs LibreOffice ) - lighter prints

3. Default Header and Footer in Calc cannot be suppressed

4. Not all complex macros of Excel are recognized by Calc and vice-versa
However same function can be done by re-writing in Calc.

5. Print 'Current selection' page – not supported. You have to write the
page number to be printed.

I have a general idea of the flow of logic that would happen due to prior
experience on Impress and Writer. But what i need here is code-pointers so
i can finish this work and make LO a better experience. And also restart my
work on adding Custom Animations to Master Slides.

Happy Hacking ;D

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