[Bug 38879] Add git history/log parser for tinderbox

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--- Comment #7 from Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at gmail.com> ---
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> So tinderbox server could git pull every 15 minutes/whatever the minimum
> display-interval is, and store the time and the corresponding git-hash of
> the branches.

No, that does not work.

The tinderbox script save the sha of the tips and the timestamp of when they
but you cannot rely on the timestamp of the commits themselves as they are
routinely not in chronological order.

the commit timestamp is dated from when you created the commit... commit
appears on HEAD when they are pushed... there can be a significant amount of
time between the two event... drastic differences for feature branch that get
Just take a look at
bcc239b405478040fda46d1bf1d4f3e38506d1a3 2013-07-29
and the next commit is
41d2036bee3279928903cdada115d3e3cd022a06 2012-12-18

The tb script that spam people does not rely on dates.. but on a git log
analysis between the last good commit sha and the current broken one.
This of course is only relevant for 'progressive' tinderbox
if/when we move to tb3, the spamming will be the job of the server since the tb
client will not have a reliable 'last successful build' point

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