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--- Comment #9 from Marcos Souza <marcos.souza.org at gmail.com> ---
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> (In reply to comment #7)
> > Fpicker uses XComponentContext when creating the instance, while inside
> > svtools ::cppu::createOneInstanceFactory it needs a XMultiServiceFactory...
> Note that svt_component_getFactory (svtools/source/uno/miscservices.cxx)
> already has an else branch that uses cppu::component_getFactoryHelper on a
> cppu::ImplementationEntry array s_aServiceEntries, so you can merge
> g_entries from fpicker/source/generic/fpicker.cxx into it.

Thanks Stephan!


At least it don't gave me any error when linking, strange don't you think?

But, there is another libs that we could merge?

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