build broken

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at
Mon Oct 28 09:25:43 CET 2013


I suffer (since last Wednessday/Thursday) with a broken build on both my development machines.
The code bse is up to date and clean of my own code changes.

make check reports an assertion in Cppunittess_sd_import_test.

Markus (moggi) helped me dig a little deeper and the stack in gdb shows the following:
(5 x up)
  print Text: (const rtl::OUString &) @0xbfff4428: {pData = 0x4c13f228}
  print nStartPos: 18
  print i: 17
  print nRunGlyphCount: 18

Markus said something about pretty printers not being installed because make isn't finished yet, but I can't print the content of OUStrings.

Anyone having a clue of what might be wrong?
I'm willing to provide extra information if you tell me which.



(using openSUSE 12.3)

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