Unable to build master with Visual Studio Express since last weekend

Niklas Johansson sleeping.pillow at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 07:34:13 PDT 2013

There were two more places I had to add conditions before I could finish 
the build. Sent in my changes for review. I hope that they are correct, 
at least they build and pass make check.


Hmm... I accidentally made it dependent on an earlier patch, is there a 
way to remove that dependency somehow? The patches are completely 

Niklas Johansson

Michael Stahl skrev 2013-08-29 22:41:
> On 29/08/13 13:07, Niklas Johansson wrote:
>> This week I started to get this error:
>> /cygdrive/c/sources/libo-core/embeddedobj/Library_emboleobj.mk:11: ***
>> Library emboleobj must be registered in Repository.mk.  Stop.
>> make: *** [build] Error 2
>> while trying to build master with Visual Studio Express.
>> This is my autogen.input:
>> --with-external-tar=/cygdrive/c/sources/lo-externalsrc
>> --with-junit=/cygdrive/c/sources/junit-4.10.jar
>> --with-ant-home=/cygdrive/c/sources/apache-ant-1.9.2
>> --enable-pch
>> --disable-ccache
>> --disable-activex
>> --disable-atl
>> --enable-debug
>> Sorry for not being able to fix this myself. I tried to pull and make
>> clean few times during this week, just in case someone already fixed the
>> problem, but without any luck.
> it's caused by --disable-atl, should be fixed now on master with commit
> 9d7c5dcf448fed668cc772d3cffa31712b1834a3

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