[GSOC]Firebird Integration Weekly Update 12

Andrzej Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Sun Sep 1 09:58:41 PDT 2013

Hello everyone,

Current status of the firebird-sdbc driver is:

- (Var)Char, Numeric and Date/Time types all supported. (No support for
blob/clob/array/etc. yet.)
- Data Editing in the GUI works.
- Data Insertion works.
(- Table and Column definition/manipulation is mostly complete, there
might still be a few minor-to-major issues, indexes aren't supported at
- Usable on Linux, Mac, Windows (thanks to tml for fixing the fbembed
library / loading on Mac).

Progress this week:

-Set FIREBIRD_TMP/FIREBIRD_LOCK: by default firebird uses /tmp or C:
\temp for temporary storage, which can often be incorrect (specifically
detected by tml when using Mac sandboxing) -- we now tell fb to use
whatever the correct tmp dir is (determined by osl::FileBase).
- Implement integer types retrieval and storage.
- Implement Date/Time/Timestamp retrieval and storage.
- Implement float/double retrieval and storage.
- Fix some metadata to do with floats/doubles.
- Fix OGeneralPageWizard: I put the code for dealing with the embedded
db list in the wrong class, this class is reused for a dialog that
allows changing the database connection for remote dbs, which was
crashing since the .ui files don't contain the embedded db selector.
- Implemented retrieval of change count (number of rows
inserted/updated/deleted/selected) which is used for executeUpdate
- Fixed the strange behaviour that was occuring when an inserted row was
displayed wrongly in the UI -- this was since executeUpdate returned 0
(as a temporary measure until I got round to implementing it) and
dbaccess/KeySet relies on this value to detect that an insert actually

This week I'll try and look at implementing stuff to do with indexes and
foreign keys, this would allow me to do some testing around the
icu/index issues. I'll also try and set up a few different builds with
different icu versions for testing once I have suitable code ready. (I'm
also currently looking at implementing local .fdb loading.)



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