GSOC weekly report [Code completion in BASIC IDE]

Gergő Mocsi gmocsi91 at
Sun Sep 1 15:18:04 PDT 2013

Hi all,
This is the report of my last two weeks. This week I had a lots of things
to do, so I was mostly off(this week I have some pre-school thigs to do, so
I'll mostly be off), but I've pulled, merged and rebuilt my work (will be
pushed within a few days, I just need to get my laptop), I'll test it once
more and push it into master. Previous week I've removed several smaller
issues, simplified funtction CodeCompleteWindow::ResizeListBox (was renamed
to ResizeAndPositionListBox ), recoded it's calculations, fixed some errors
connected to the TextPaM class, fixed the arrow navigation to the left and
right, etc.
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