subject: build warnings: ... unsigned only in ISO C90

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Tue Sep 3 00:15:05 PDT 2013

dougmencken had the same issue. He of course is using a toolchain and SDK
we don't support any more (building for OS X 10.5 on PowerPC, with gcc 4.2
I think), but maybe this is a more general problem then, also for supported

The exact problem, if I recall from IRC, is with
the TransliterationModules::IGNORE_MASK
in offapi/com/sun/star/i18n/TransliterationModules.idl . Its value in IDL
is -0x100, and in the generated header it shows up as 4294967040.

Should the cppumaker be enhanced to output constants like this
as 4294967040u instead? Would that make the warning go away? Terrence, can
you check please: Manually edit
the workdir/*/UnoApiHeadersTarget/offapi/normal/com/sun/star/i18n/TransliterationModules.hdl
file and add an 'u' after the   4294967040 number.

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