PDF Export: adding the print options

Brian Fraser andthebrain at softfrog.ca
Thu Sep 5 00:24:16 PDT 2013

I'm new to LibreOffice development and looking at enhancing the PDF export
functionality, especially for Impress. I would like to add the print
options (such as "print" grayscale, black and white, pages-per-sheet, ...)
to PDF exporting.

Specifically, I'm looking at adding the "LibreOffice Impress" and "Page
Layout" tabs (from the File-->Print dialog) to the File-->"Export as PDF"
dialog. I have traced the code enough to see that printing and PDF export
use the same OutputDevice class, which seems to support at least some of
the options in question, so I'm hopeful it would work well.

Questions I need help with:
1. Is this a reasonable feature idea?
2. Would this be reasonably straight-forward to implement (i.e., are
printing and PDF export as compatible as I might hope)?
3. Where is the code for the print dialog's tabs, and the export to PDF
dialog's tabs?
4. Where is the code for setting the output layout (ex: 4 pages per sheet)?

Some background info:
I am a university lecturer and I export PDFs of my notes daily. I can print
to a PDF printer; however Acrobat and PDF Creator under Windows generate
very large PDFs (they come out as bitmaps vs a more "vector" format). My
slides have a background color and the PDF needs to be black-and-white (to
print well without wasting ink), and have 4 slides per page. I have hacked
around the code to prove I can generate a PDF in the correct
black-and-white format, but I'd like to make it a real feature for
everyone's use, rather than a hack in my copy.

All help and guidance is welcome!
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