[GSOC]Firebird Integration Weekly Update 13

Andrzej Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Sat Sep 7 09:52:12 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Progress this week:
- Made libatomic-ops buildable meaning that we should now be able to
build embedded firebird on non-X86 systems too. (untested, and still on
gerrit, most aspects were tested on my X86 system and worked fine
though). This also involved some digging into gbuild due to some zip
extraction/moving issues.
- Added rebuilding of indices to deal with the icu collation issues.
Currently all (text-based) indices are rebuilt when opening an embedded
database, I'm investigating how to best detect when this is necessary as
to avoid having to do this every time we load a db (in the best case
this can be determined directly from the .fdb, worst case we can save a
parameter in the .odb).
- Implemented a simple .odb loading test (in gerrit atm.) that also
tests that the embedded firebird .fdb can be connected to. I'll use this
as a basis for further tests (e.g. testing loading and accessing of a
larger database with text-based indices to test that the .icu issues
have really been solved -- and also some hsqldb tests).
- Implemented Index retrieval and dropping (still some rough edges, that
are however shared with hsqldb -- I'm looking into this and will start a
separate thread on this topic).
- More fixes to do with the firebird temporary and lock directories, and
the temporary file where we extract the .fdb to, should now be safely
usable, and work on all systems.
- Some coverity fixes.
- Started working on foreign key retrieval, for the moment I've paused
this -- this mainly involves a fairly large 3-table/5-join SQL query
which I was still putting together (this doesn't get used within the
gui, or in fact anywhere within LO -- so for the moment perhaps of lower
priority to implement -- and hard to test).



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