Educational Values of Libreoffice: Option of Encryption

Randolph D. rdohm321 at
Sun Sep 8 00:08:34 PDT 2013


after all the programs of Prism, Bullrun, Tempora, Mics, etc as well the
communities state, that small and medium companies have not the tools in
their office suites, to be able to encrypt - while 50 % of the companies
use or provide already encryption in their office suites.

Therefore I want to suggest to add an out-of-the box encrypting messenger
to the Libre Office Suite:

it is a small tiny easy to use tool to encrypt messaging and it has an
email client integrated too. Can libreoffice add it to the suite of bureau

Or what else can Libreoffice help to provide encryption for the documents
created in libreoffice? There should be some participation in the
protection of users, data and documents created in libreoffice.

Regards Randolph
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