Crash on Mac OSX

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan ovidiu.b13 at
Mon Sep 9 03:31:21 PDT 2013

Hello world,

I'm not entirely sure that this is the correct mail list for this.

A coworker of mine is working on a LibreOffice extension and LO crashes with the following errors on Mac OSX 10.6.8:

1. This hapens after the extension is uninstalled from the LO gui and LO is closed:[1]  (pass: LO123 )

2. This hapens when we try to install the extension from command line:
{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Monaco;}
\f0\fs22 \cf0 [2013-09-04 13:10:49, 782ms]\
INFO: CVS.ExtensionsManager.Platform.IOperatingSystem run\
Start executing command: /Applications/\ul unopkg\ulnone  add -f -v \ul addins\ulnone /Calc_Adaptor_0.0.2/OOQEL_002.\ul oxt\ulnone  \
[2013-09-04 13:11:05, 665ms]\
INFO: CVS.ExtensionsManager.Platform.IOperatingSystem run\
Stream type: ERROR\
ERROR: Binary URP bridge disposed during call\
Exception details: \
( \{ \{ \{ Message = "Binary URP bridge disposed during call", Context = ( @4b25c70 \} \} \}\
\cf0 \ul \ulc0 unopkg\ulnone  failed.\

What do these things mean? Could you help us with this?

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan[2] 

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