Gerrit migration

Florian Effenberger floeff at
Tue Sep 10 03:30:33 PDT 2013


just as a short reminder for tomorrow evening (European time), when we 
do the migration - this is what is missing and where we need your help with.

Theming and SSL cert can be fixed from infra side, for the rest your 
help is appreciated as soon as the new VM is up.


Bjoern Michaelsen wrote on 2013-07-18 15:26:
> So, I did a quick check of basic operations:
> - website is working -> check
>    - LibreOffice theming is missing (not mission critical)
>    - gitweb is missing (not mission critical)
>    - SSL cert warning
> - sign in with OpenID -> check
> - ssh login for git pushes -> check
> - ACL/groups -> at least some groups are missing it seems
>    -> I expect direct pushes to master not to work as-is (no group committers)
> - buildbot -> missing it seems
> - admin login on box -> failed
>    - thus I cannot check if the gerritbot sending mails to the dev-list is
>      set-up.
> - I havent checked where the gerritircbot is running.
> So the ACLs for the committer group seem mission critial to me.
> @Norbert: Any input on that?
> buildbot, gitweb, adminaccess for Bjoern (and others) to check gerritbot, check
> gerritircbot, theming are the remaining things in order of importance, none of
> those mission critical IMHO.

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