fdo#39439 : Web search for UI strings

Mat M matm at gmx.fr
Sun Sep 15 09:35:22 PDT 2013

Le Fri, 13 Sep 2013 12:24:43 +0200, Michael Meeks  
<michael.meeks at collabora.com> a écrit:

> Hi Mat,
> On Thu, 2013-09-12 at 00:09 +0200, Mat M wrote:
>> > Not really a patch. As discussed in the issue, it is a python webapp  
>> to
>> > be setup on a webserver. it just need a readable local bare repo to  
>> work.
>> > I'd love to commit a patch in opengrok, but I'm afraid my Java score  
>> is
>> > not enough :)
> 	Ok :-) do you have a live demo on-line we can play with ?
Nope, I have no online sevrer which can host a python program. But code  
will come, don't worry.

>> > 	Do you have some code I can read ? :-) it's by far the best to share
>> > your python app by posting it to the dev list - please do CC me, I'd
>> > love to review (and/or use that).
>> I will, as soon as the glade question is solved.
> 	Ok - you're working on that ? :-)
Yes. I read the move-to-glade things on the ML, but missed the link  
between this and that :)

>> > 	If it's a python app - perhaps we can also include a command-line
>> Well, request was for a web site, forwarding to opengrok. I think in a
> 	Oh - sure; but if it's a nice standalone python thing then having a
> command-line version would be awesome: developers would use that a lot
> for lookups I think.

Since I used it to exercise my python skills, no standalone thing :)
But i will certainly come up with one (python or bash, I don't know),  
since it is easy to build.

>> > 	Do you support the glade format as well as the res format ?
>> Hem... The original goal wasd to search in *.[hs]rc to find en-US ref
>> something ? If you could give a use case, it may become clearer to me.
> 	Right - so; that is so; but I guess we'd want to avoid the translation/
> repository since it's -so- huge :-) Instead I'd just grep for the
> strings inside the .ui files. That will map to a filename (at minimum)
> eg.
> 	Hopefully that is easy enough ? perhaps easier than all the old-style
> src/hrc pieces ?

Yes, Missed the filenames part, since I didn't how how it was referenced  
 from code.
Thank you.

> 	I'd love to read the code & get it into git somehow. If it's a
> standalone thing then getting developers to use it on the commandline
> would be a great (and trivial) 1st start before enabling it on some web
> infrastructure I think.

Will provide both when  glade stuff is done (Hopefully by the end of the  
> 	Anyhow - thanks -so- much for your work - this sounds really exciting;
> are you coming to the conference in Milan[1] ? if so - a lightning talk
> on this would be great :-)
Nope for Milan. My work load does not allow it for now.



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