Updates about Enhanced Database Ranges.

Akash Shetye shetyeakash at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 02:11:11 PDT 2013

last week I have been away from development due to an injury. I will join
development in this week. Having missed the soft pencils down date. I have
to work on the final ui development for this feature.

Like it was suggested I will be developing a ui that does not support live
rendering of the table styles like you would see in microsoft excel.
However I will be doing that in time to come and look at making the feature
sleek and professional.

Additionally I will try to squeeze in as much of development as possible to
make up for the weeks gap. Thank you.
On 3 Sep 2013 07:22, "Akash Shetye" <shetyeakash at gmail.com> wrote:

> What happened last week
> -background rendering completed.
> -calculation code written down.
> -size import code written for table style stripe size.
> -interface coding did not happen.
> Targets for this week.
> -develop ui for the feature.
> Little more down the road
> -test the feature.
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