[ANN] --disable-orcus

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Thu Sep 19 08:23:48 PDT 2013

On 09/19/2013 04:42 AM, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> You can now set
> --disable-orcus
> at configure script to disable building the orcus library.  In case you
> have difficulty building liborcus and can't find any solution at all,
> you now have a solution.
> Orcus is now disabled by default on Cygwin, OS X, and iOS and Android
> build.  Those who need functionality provided by orcus can always
> re-enable it by setting --enable-orcus to the configure script.

But is it intentional that with 
"Add the configure bits to support --disable-orcus"'s

> AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to enable orcus])
> if test $_os != Darwin -a $_os != Android -a $_os != iOS -a \( -z "$enable_orcus" -o "$enable_orcus" != no \); then

an explicit --enable-orcus on e.g. Mac OS X is now silently ignored 


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