LibreOffice Gerrit News 2013-09-20

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Thu Sep 19 23:00:02 PDT 2013


* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ fdo#69536 - Moved Averageif(s)
  in from Joel Madero
+ fdo#39881 change Find All behaviour in Calc
  in from Matúš Kukan
+ Ctrl + K now opens the HyperlinkDialog
  in from Danny Brown
+ Improves fdo#41407: Make gs a higher priority than convert for EPS render
  in from Björgvin Ragnarsson
+ Fix iterator management
  in from Julien Nabet
+ Prefer OUString primitives to handwritten code
  in from Matteo Casalin
+ fdo#69407 Putting "no fill" frame color instead of transparent by default
  in from matthieu gay

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ [Sidebar]: Fix the vague behaviour of color fill toolbox in Draw
  in from Prashant Pandey
+ Make scrolling in ThumbnailView smoother and not per-line
  in from Krisztian Pinter
+ Theme icons are loaded only once
  in from Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes
+ String to OUString
  in from Matteo Casalin
+ Too many parentheses, for a wrong check
  in from Matteo Casalin
+ fdo#65586: Add tooltips to Elements Dock in Math
  in from Marcos Souza
+ Really loop over ExtInput ring
  in from Matteo Casalin

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ fdo#69293: Error taking Cube Root of Negative Number
  in from Julien Nabet
+ These support functions can be local
  in from Matteo Casalin

* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ improve performance of copyArea in Ios
  in from Tsahi Glik @ CloudOn
+ Fix for IOS scroll by pixels, and pinch to zoom Change-Id: Ied6087a264f1c
  in from Ptyl
+ fix polygon rendering with clip area of one line only
  in from Tsahi Glik @ CloudOn
+ fix for text watermark
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#39468: Translate German comments (first part) in include/svl/filerec.
  in from Philipp Riemer
+ fdo#44689: fix for specific case restart value 0
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ Dynamically align toolbars in LibreOffice
  in from Prashant Pandey
+ fdo#36791 : fix for import of greeting card
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#66401: fix for combined characters
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ more debug logs, extra debug layer, file is not used in p3k
  in from James Michael Dupont
+ Remove old outdated gallery images and sounds
  in from Samuel Mehrbrodt
+ Positional Tab additions
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#64817 : fix for rectangle with image fill
  in from Adam CloudOn


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