inter-sheet formulas don't automatically update any more?

Yi Ding yi.s.ding at
Tue Sep 24 13:21:57 PDT 2013

OK, thank you for letting me know.  Is there a bug number where I can
track this?  Unfortunately it's a showstopper bug for us right now.


On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Markus Mohrhard
<markus.mohrhard at> wrote:
> Hey,
> 2013/9/23 Yi Ding <yi.s.ding at>
>> It seems like since the release of 4.1 inter-sheet formulas (formulas
>> that span multiple sheets in the spreadsheet) don't automatically
>> update themselves anymore.  Is this a bug or a "feature"?
> It is a bug and can be fixed with a CTRL+SHIFT+F9. Somehow the formula tree
> is not built during import right now.
> Regards,
> Markus

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