Adding syphon support to impress to allow access to the rendered output from other applications

James Sheridan sheridanis at
Mon Sep 30 08:33:04 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I'd like to take the output of impress and warp it for use in an igloo 
vision dome (

The way that I'd like to do this is through an osx technology known as 
syphon ( that allows you to share textures on 
the graphics card between applications.   I've downloaded the sdk and it 
doesn't look like it will give me enough access to do this through an 
extension/plugin so I've now downloaded the source and have a few questions.

1) As this is an osx only technology and probably only appeals to a very 
limited audience is this something I should do on my own or is it 
something that people would like access to?

2) I've had a look through the development wiki but can't find anything 
(in English) mentioning how I might be able to achieve this.   The 
closest thing I can find in the source for where I might be able to get 
access to the opengl texture is the drawinglayer but I couldn't see any 
opengl texture access here.   Could someone please give me a quick 
overview (or point me to some documentation) of how impress draws to the 
screen and how best for me to get access to the texture it uses to draw 
things to the screen.

Thanks in advance - James

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