Adding syphon support to impress to allow access to the rendered output from other applications

James Sheridan sheridanis at
Mon Sep 30 09:49:18 PDT 2013

On 30/09/13 5:23 PM, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> That is the OpenGL slide *transition* code, not related to display of 
> slideshow in general. (And it is unclear to me at least whether we 
> even use it on the Mac, despite there being a "mac" folder there in 
> the source.) --tml 

The opengl slide transitions work (on the current 4.1 build of libre) on 
osx and whilst your right I just want the standard display of the slides 
(preferable as a GPU resource - ie a texture/FBO) this seemed like an 
easy way to get them.   Hopefully there is a better way though? as the 
slideshow transitions run really poorly on my 2010 mbp and I'd also need 
access to movie frames which seem to get disabled during transitions

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