Checkbox Format > Paragraph > Text Flow > Breaks in Writer

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Mon Sep 30 10:56:33 PDT 2013

On 26/09/13 17:23, Gay, Matthieu wrote:
> Hello,
>  Is this possible to have the checkbox
> Format > Paragraph > Text Flow > Breaks
> always check for a table ?

you mean if the paragraph is in a table then it should always have a
page break?

i'm sure i don't understand what you mean because that doesn't make sense :)

> This bug is demanding it
> and for a
> malformated RTF, I also need it.

suspect the problem could be that paragraph attributes (including the
page break) are copied to the target paragraph; they should be copied
when the whole paragraph is copied but not if less than the whole
paragraph is selected.

the code for that is somewhere in sw/source/core/txtnode/, likely

> If not, is this possible to tell me where the checkbox is managed int he
> code?

The breaks are represented in Writer as a pool item with id RES_BREAK
and class SvxFmtBreakItem (see include/editeng/formatbreakitem.hxx).

... which uses this enum from svxenum.hxx:

enum SvxBreak

the item exists in the SwAttrSet of the SwTxtNode... and it's mapped to
the UNO property "BreakType".

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