ship Maven meta information to ease creation of LO plugins with Maven

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Tue Apr 1 01:53:22 PDT 2014

On 03/31/2014 09:46 PM, Sebastian Humenda wrote:
> to build software with Maven, you have to provide meta information (a pom.xml)
> to each jar, which is a dependency of your software. In turn, the build system
> Maven with automatically figure out which jar to fetch from where and in which
> version. To simplify the creation of Java dependencies for LO and to ease also the
> packaging of LO extension in Debian/Ubuntu, it would be of much help, if you
> could ship those pom.xml for this use case with the source. This meta
> information is easy and quick to generate and the only maintenance overhead is
> the version number increase at each LO release. You don't need to also use Maven
> for building LO, you just have to ship one pom.xml for one jar file.

The LO jars generally need to be located at specific places within a LO 
installation tree.  I am not sure that is compatible with the Maven 


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