[Bug 62957] FILESAVE: Save Last Slide Position in Impress

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--- Comment #11 from Sujay <sujaym.sujaym at gmail.com> ---
I am sorry that i haven't been updating my status. I had stopped working for a
while, but now i have taken it again.. 
i have a question, 
I noticed a function - sd::FrameView::ReadUserDataSequence, in which there is a
function call to sd::FrameView::SetSelectedPageOnLoad()?
here it says that the function stores the page that was selected while last
saving this document.
But this property is not being used.(if i am right)
 I ve researched pretty much about the bug, found many pointers, but i didn't
find the pointer for saving a property.. I ve tried to find it using the above
mentioned properties such as VisibleArea etc.. but haven't had enough luck on
that. I think WriteUserDataSequence and ReadUserDataSequence are the places
where the read and write is happening, but am not sure whether i am right on
that part.. Can somebody please guide me? 
thank you.

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