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Sat Apr 12 13:14:33 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,
I've submitted a proposal for GSOC 2014 on Follow-me slideshow.
I never gave myself a chance to discuss about the proposal with the mentors
( though have researched about it ).
I joined the community in january and started working on the Easy Hack
42788. <>.. I had no luck
on that one, but tried very much without the slightest knowledge of gdb,
git, opengrok too.
I then took up another easy hack fdo#64290 UI: count selected rows and
columns, to boost up my confidence.. I worked on this on for 3 weeks and
finally, i got the result.. I submitted my patch to gerrit ( ) for review, but unlucky me,
there was a similar patch that got approved first, so mine was abandoned..
Meanwhile I had found details about GSOC.  But my patch was abandoned so i
took up a new one, which is why I didn't find time to discuss about my
proposal before submission.
*Bug 62957* <> - FILESAVE:
Save Last Slide Position in Impress, is my third hack that i worked on.
When I first took it, I wanted to complete it before submission of my
proposal ie. in a week. I couldn't complete it but submitted my proposal
anyway. I took a break for sometime to properly study Telepathy framework
and looked up the implementations of telepathy tubes in LO which is already
A week back I took up the bug again, fully determined to complete it this
time.  I finally completed it yesterday and have submitted it for the

Well, I believe that starting is always the toughest part.. After starting
something, we will do something to end what we have started.. All I am
looking from GSOC is a very good start at the community.
My proposal has lots of week points that I would like to change.. I would
like to become more specific on my goals ie. timeline for submissions etc,
since I ve understood it a little better after reading about telepathy.
Am I too late to be asking this? Is the potential mentor of my proposed
project already been assigned to someone else?
I have learned many things after joining the community and would like to
learn even more and parallely contribute to libreoffice.
Thank you.
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