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John Smith lbalbalba at
Mon Apr 21 10:24:00 PDT 2014


I attempted to make an implementation of easyhack bug #38841.
Basically its a shell script that fuzzes the xml files inside
libreoffice doc formats, and then feeds the fuzzed docs to

Code is here:

In order to make things work: edit
fuzz-xml-files/etc/fuzz-xml-files.conf and point the vars to sensible

SRC_DIR= the top level location of your libreoffice source code
DOC_DIR= a directory containing odf odt etc files
for the other vars you may need to change '/usr/local/src/dev-tools'
to '/some/other/dir/dev-tools'

run it:
cd dev-tools/fuzz-xml-files/


its got some command line switches but the defaults should 'just work'
as long as the vars in the conf file point to sensible stuff.

Eagerly awaiting feedback,

John Smith

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