LibreOffice fuzz-testing

John Smith lbalbalba at
Tue Apr 22 09:54:42 PDT 2014

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Keith Curtis <keithcu at> wrote:
> I don't think it is worth abandoning just because it is in separate languages.
Maybe. However, I did run into something else that is worth abandoning it for.

Im have been using the pseudonym of 'John Smith, lbalbalba at'
for quite a few years now, for various reasons. Not disclosing my real
name could potentially mean future problems for the LibreOffice
project. One place where issues could occur, is where contributors
need to digitally make/mail a legally binding statement that all of
their contributions may be licensed under the MPL/GPL. Dont get me
wrong: I have no issue whatsoever with the MPL/GPL licenses, but being
unwilling to put my real name under that statement may mean trouble
for the project. Because I mean the project no harm, not even
imaginary, I decided to abandon the code. In all fairness: I was
offered the chance of only making my real name known to the legal
department, and keeping my pseudonym in all other cases. But I guess
im to paranoid for even that. Anyway, im currently re-evaluating my
need for a pseudonym, and may decide to contribute to the project
using my real name sometime in the future.


John Smith

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