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Tue Apr 22 23:00:01 PDT 2014


* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

~~~~ First time contributors doing great things! ~~~~
+ ftnfrm: Translated comments from German to English
  in from Tobias Mueller
  about module sw
+ external: revert java 1.6 stuff (at least until we'd get a real check in 
  in from Douglas Mencken
  about module build, external, reportbuilder, swext
+ vcl-quartz: fix build of recently introduced DrawTextSpecial for OSX<10.6
  in from Douglas Mencken
  about module vcl
+ fdo#77759 : Embedded excel getting renamed to binary object.
  in from Ravindra Vidhate
  about module sw
+ Finish cleaning up ASCII art in the sw module
  in from Chris Laplante
  about module sw
+ fdo#77718: Picture inside SmartArt changes after RT
  in from Umesh Kadam
  about module sw
~~~~ End of freshness ~~~~

+ fdo#75264 fix incorrect/missing function tips in Calc
  in from Winfried Donkers
  about module sc

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ CTRunData fix for exporting SPI stuff on OSX < 10.6
  in from Douglas Mencken
+ fdo#71217 PDF Import: Fix importing of JPEG images
  in from Vort
+ Split out the IDocumentDeviceAccess interface of SwDoc.
  in from V V
+ fod#77122 DOCX filter: link between textboxes is not being preserved
  in from Umesh Kadam
+ Boost Patch - Change '*b' to a variable, to remove GCC 4.7.3 -Wtype-limit
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ cppcheck: Iterator it used after element has been erased
  in from Julien Nabet

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ Refactor IDocumentSettingAccess Interface of SwDoc
  in from Anurag Kanungo
+ Updates about moving to seperate header file
  in from Anurag Kanungo
+ Split out IDocumentSettingAccess Interface of SwDoc
  in from Anurag Kanungo
+  IDocumentSettingAccess Refactored
  in from Anurag Kanungo
+ cppcheck: multiCondition, second test should be DataOutputStream
  in from Julien Nabet

* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ fdo#76934 : FILESAVE: DOCX: Title is not preserved after Roundtrip
  in from Pallavi Jadhav
+ move inettype.{hc}xx from svl to tools
  in from Christina Roßmanith
+ fdo#43157 : Remove OSL_THIS_FILE
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
+ fdo#43157 Remove OSL_POSTCOND, prefer SAL_WARN_IF
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
+ new method INetURLObject::getData() for data urls
  in from Christina Roßmanith
+ fdo#67544 Slide transistion sound(other sound) is not included in present
  in from Vishv Brahmbhatt
+ fdo#57950: Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+
  in from Tharindu Lakmal
+ Refactored
  in from Tharindu Lakmal
+ fdo#75757 Remove inheritance to std::map from PropertyMap
  in from Krisztian Pinter
+ Remove visual noise from ios
  in from Alexander Wilms
+ FDO#75205 : Charts - Up Down bars are getting added to Line Chart.
  in from Umesh Kadam
+ WIP: Converting ExtensionUpdate dialog for new format
  in from Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes
+ Refactored swooxmlexport tests cases. Added function to check contents.
  in from Nikhil Walvekar
+ fdo#71984 fix first line indentation in footnotes for MS Word documents
  in from Andras Timar
+ Lots of changes to Tango icons
  in from Miroslav Mazel
+ sw/docx export: fix handling of document with header and section(s)
  in from Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer
+ fdo#51525 Fix duplicate "Paste Special" entries in Calc.
  in from Andrzej Hunt
+ fdo#72661: Check ‘Hyphenation active’ automatically
  in from Jiwoong Youn
+ sa/l add release_assert() and assert that stay even in release code
  in from Norbert Thiebaud
+ WIP fdo#72987 Use firebird backup format for .odb
  in from Andrzej Hunt
+ sw/export docx: add unit test for document with header and section(s)
  in from Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer
+ WIP: fdo#33980 Preserve selection across all slide sorters.
  in from Andrzej Hunt
+ Positional Tab additions
  in from Adam CloudOn


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