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Sujay m sujaym.sujaym at
Wed Apr 23 07:35:35 PDT 2014

hi.. i had applied for GSOC.. but i din get it.. 1stly i had mentioned a
conflict with my exams.. 2ndly, while writing my proposal, i wasn't too
clear about the project(though i would like to explore a lot in that
area).. 3rdly, my patch: first one was abandoned since there was already a
similar one, and another is still under review..( and 4thly, i hadn't discussed
the details of the proposal with anybody..
Anyway, i am believer of open source  and still a student( though am
little, may be a more than a little :p tempted by the prize), but what i am
interested more is in learning.. so i would like to do the project for
myself, ie only for learning.. My proposal was about FOLLOW ME SLIDESHOW,
lots about inter process communication.. I've started to read the code of
tubes, and also telepathy api.. i would like some suggestions and also
please review my patch, i would like to get over with that first.. :)
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