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Yes, you're correct.  Last night I found this terrific link: 

Compilers, IDEs, Debuggers and the Jazz - C++ Forum

I didn't realize it, but KDevelop was already installed on my PC.  It may have already been there because I use a KDE-based distro or I may have installed it at some point and forgotten it.  I also installed Anjuta yesterday to try it out.  However, before I can have any success, I need to learn the language, which is completely different from VB.  I have Diane Zak's book on programming in C++, but it's Windows based and it's for someone with no programming background anyway.  

Although my knowledge of VB code won't help me directly, the abstract knowledge of programming will.  I program almost exclusively in short subs, each with one specific purpose, and each sub has a header in plain English explaining exactly what it's for.  Every variable is named to describe its scope and what it does, and everything in the code is commented where it's not obvious what it does.  Before coding anything, I always write a list of a pseudo-code plan, and I map out in charts how each sub relates to one another.  It might sound anal, but I've found this works way better for me than just jumping in and coding.  

Now I'm off to find material that can help me start learning C++.  

 Compilers, IDEs, Debuggers and the Jazz - C++ Forum
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On Thursday, April 24, 2014 6:28 AM, Olivier Hallot <olivier.hallot at> wrote:

Em 24-04-2014 08:45, Tom Meinen escreveu:
> good Linux-based C++ IDE.

Give a try on KDevelop, as Bjoern did smart things to put KDevelop to
work with LibreOffice. Follow this link

Olivier Hallot
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