ImageMagick convert -- a required bundle to handle EPS on Windows and OSX?

V Stuart Foote VStuart.Foote at
Sun Apr 27 10:07:18 PDT 2014

So, poking around on this in Bugzilla and OpenGrok, seems there is no
"native" handling of EPS in LibreOffice, and the filters (input & output)
are a mess.

There has been a call for built-in EPS rendering as  fdo#67464
<>   as an enhancement.

Unfortunately for Windows use, until such an enhancement is implemented,
there are three helper programs that ieps.cxx can call on Windows.

GhostScript -- gswin32c.exe  ( ) 
ImageMagick -- convert.exe  ( )
pstoedit -- pstoedit.exe ( )

The pstoedit  command is used for the RenderAsEMF calls, and either gswin32c
or convert is used for conversion to bitmaps with the RenderAsBMP calls--not
clear to me which is used where in the import and to make previews. 

So the question becomes which of these should be installed, and are there
any best metohds for doing so?  And  also what documentation/guidance on
their use in LibreOffice (or AOO or legacy OOo) is available?

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