getUserIdent Unit test error in Windows 7 build when logged on as domain user

Peter Grimtell peter.grimtell at
Fri Apr 25 09:20:49 PDT 2014


I get a unit test failure for getUserIdent when trying to build under 
Windows 7 (Professional, 64-bit), logged in as a domain user.

Output for error:
assertion failed
- Expression: strUserID.equals(strID) && bRes
- strUserID: S-1-5-21-3685578860-4172030127-4274943249-1000, strID: 
S-1-5-21-2709487531-110703884-4059662957-1146, bRes: true

strID equals the SID for the domain user 
(NOVENTUS.NOVENTUS.COM\peter.grimtell), but strID equals the SID for a 
local account by the same name (peter.grimtell).

I did a little testing, and found that GetUserNameA() returns the name 
without the domain part, and therefore returns the same for the domain 
account as for the local account. When this name is sent on 
LookupAccountNameW() it returns the SID for the local account. To get 
the full user name, one seems to need to call 
GetUserNameExA(NameDnsDomain, ...). I patched the unit test as below, 
and then the build went through. But is it the unit test that is wrong, 
or is it the code under test, or is my account setup not supported by 

diff --git a/sal/qa/osl/security/osl_Security.cxx 
index b675ab1..8e07836 100644
--- a/sal/qa/osl/security/osl_Security.cxx
+++ b/sal/qa/osl/security/osl_Security.cxx
@@ -19,6 +19,9 @@

  #ifdef WNT
  #include <windows.h>
+#define SECURITY_WIN32
+#include <Security.h>
+#pragma comment( lib, "Secur32" )
  #undef min
  #include <osl_Security_Const.h>
@@ -403,8 +406,11 @@ void MyTestPlugInImpl::initialize( 
CPPUNIT_NS::TestFactoryRegistry *,
      SID_NAME_USE eSidType;
      DWORD dwErrorCode = 0;

-    LPCWSTR wszAccName = ( LPWSTR ) strUserName.getStr( );
+    WCHAR wchAccName[BUFSIZE];
+    DWORD cchAccName = sizeof wchAccName / sizeof(WCHAR);
+    if( !GetUserNameExW(NameDnsDomain, wchAccName, &cchAccName) )
+        wchAccName[0] = L'\0';
      // Create buffers for the SID and the domain name.
      PSID pSid = (PSID) new BYTE[dwSidBufferSize];
      CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE("# creating SID buffer failed.\n", pSid!= 
@@ -422,7 +428,7 @@ void MyTestPlugInImpl::initialize( 
CPPUNIT_NS::TestFactoryRegistry *,
          cchDomainName = dwDomainBufferSize;
          if (LookupAccountNameW(
                             NULL,            // Computer name. NULL for 
the local computer
-                           wszAccName,
+                           wchAccName,
                             pSid,          // Pointer to the SID 
buffer. Use NULL to get the size needed,
                             &cbSid,          // Size of the SID buffer 
                             wszDomainName,   // wszDomainName,
@@ -431,7 +437,7 @@ void MyTestPlugInImpl::initialize( 
CPPUNIT_NS::TestFactoryRegistry *,
              if (IsValidSid( pSid) == FALSE)
-                wprintf(L"# The SID for %s is invalid.\n", wszAccName);
+                wprintf(L"# The SID for %s is invalid.\n", wchAccName);
          dwErrorCode = GetLastError();


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