ImageMagick convert -- a required bundle to handle EPS on Windows and OSX?

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Tue Apr 29 06:38:38 PDT 2014

Christian, *,

Not sure I would characterize EPS as simply a niche use.

EPS, still much more so than SVG, is the preferred format for preparation of
vector based technical images, graphs and charts for academic and scientific
publication. When you consider that  Windows continues to hold  the high
percentage of user seats it does---poor support for EPS makes LibreOffice a
poor choice for such work, compounded further by continued lack of support
of TeX based renderings that alienates an entire class of academic users.

Notification that the three EPS helper programs are not bundled with
LibreOffice and that some mix of them is required, with some clear guidance
as to best practices seems reasonable until such time as native EPS handling
can be implemented.

We've cobbled together a simple Wiki entry: regards EPS on LibreOffice including
what I believe to be the most functional work around of conversion of EPS to
EMF using Inkscape prior to placement into a LibreOffice document.  Fidelity
of the Inkscape conversion to EMF, for now, is better than that handled by
pstoedit when that helper has been installed for use in generating previews
by LibreOffice.  The vector based rendering of both are far superior to
support with GhostScript or ImageMagick bit maps.

Caolan has several commit in place to address the Impress and PDF issues,
which when the helper apps are installed should return function to all OS
builds.  The now need testing as they roll through the Tinderbox builds.


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