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Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at
Thu Aug 7 14:10:35 PDT 2014


looking for a task that does not make my head spin while being sick in
bed I worked on support for YouCompleteMe [1]. For people who don't
know it, it is a VIM plugin -- one more reason for emacs users to
switch to the good side ;) -- that provides code-completition based on
clang. Therefore it actually understands the code and can give correct

As it is compiling the code in the background it needs a way to know
how to compile the code. For that I'm currently using the clang json
database format. The file is being written by the gbuild-to-ide script
which can be invoked now with make vim-ide-integration.

You will additionally need a python script that contains some logic.
Attached is the one that I'm currently using.

It is currently mostly a proof-of-concept and I hope that others are
playing a bit with it. I tested that it provides correct suggestions
but currently the warning support is disabled and I'm not sure if it
would not make some sense to additionally provide a smaller database
for each module.

Feedback is highly appreciated. The patches are still pending in
gerrit as I'm having a slight problem with our build system regarding
include paths coming from external libraries.


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