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Tue Dec 9 01:16:25 PST 2014

Hi Stephan,

I have found 3 solution for solve the problem with the Headless mode on Windows.

1. Static Variable
	Set a static Variable for set the Headless mode 
	(Bad solution)

2. Over Parameter
	Set Parameter in functions:
	 soffice_main(bool bHeadless) - SVMain(bool bHeadless) - 
	  ImplSVMain(bool bHeadless) - InitVCL(bool bHeadless)
	In "InitVCL" would be read the commandline and set the 
	variable "m_headless", the test goes with function 
	"bool IsHeadless()" in desktop\source\app\cmdlineargs.hxx.
	Here can set the Headless variable in dependencies of the 
	parameter (a lot of changes)

This 2 solution have the problem with the function "bool Application::IsHeadlessModeRequested()" in vcl\source\app\svapp.cxx, the confusing of that is "bool Application::IsHeadlessModeEnabled()" but the function "IsHeadlessModeRequested()" give the status back, and then can set with "void Application::EnableHeadlessMode( bool dialogsAreFatal )", but I am not sure for using this function in case of the LibreOfficeKit.

3. Fix the Windows function "osl_createCommandArgs_Impl" in sal\osl\w32\process.cxx 
	1. When argv == NULL or no context then use the windows 
	function "GetCommandLineW()" in other case use the
	context of the argv parameter.
	2. When argv has context then adding to the windows 
	function "GetCommandLineW()" 

This last fix is for the commandline "m_headless, bool IsHeadless()" and the "IsHeadlessModeRequested".

Juergen Funk

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