Build problem, PythonTest_pyuno_pytests_ssl fails

Pavel Laštovička pavel at
Mon Dec 15 08:11:26 PST 2014

Hi Michael,

Dne 15.12.2014 v 16:54 Michael Stahl napsal(a):
> On 15.12.2014 16:12, Pavel Laštovička wrote:
>> Hello,
>> so far I found that Python in 4.3 somehow suppresses output. I can call it
>> interactively or run a hello world script, but nothing is displayed in console. This
>> did not happen with 4.2. I am not sure how to proceed when I can't see any error
>> message.
> On Windows, i don't remember this ever working in a Cygwin terminal;
> python.exe seems to print only to a Windows cmd.exe terminal.
For me, python.exe works the same regardless if I run it from a Cygwin or cmd.exe 
> hmm... perhaps try setting a breakpoint on exit() or _exit() ?
I would have to get it compiled with debug information first. I am not sure how to 
do that.
But by trial and error I found python fails on the following line:

     import _ssl

Meanwhile, I have decided to remove this python check so I can continue with building.


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