Gerrit supports inline edit feature now

David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at
Thu Dec 18 00:34:24 PST 2014

I am pleased to announce that last major changes in inline edit series
were merged upstream [1]. Gerrit supports now 100% browser based

That means you can add new empty change directly in browser (no need to
clone anything) and populate it in CodeMirror JS editor with syntax
highlighting and publish the change. Here are some screen shots for
Gerrit in edit mode (of course, Emacs key map is supported ;-) [2], [3].

Existing changes in Gerrit can be amended directly in browser:

* added files can be removed
* removed files can be restored
* existing files can be changed
* new files can be added

See also this discussion on gerrit dev ML [4].

It took almost two years to implement this feature, and i attended three
Gerrit hackathons for that, in London, Mountain View and Berlin. I
already said it in my blog, but let me repeat it here again: Big thank
to The Document Foundation for sponsoring my travel costs for Gerrit
hackathon in Mountain View!

I am looking forward to see Gerrit @ LibreOffice upgraded to upcoming
2.11 release that contains inline edit feature.


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