libi18nlangtag crash on SunOS 5.11 (was: In glyph fallback throwing away the language property of en because the detected script for '0x9f3' is Bengali and that language doesn't make sense....)

Eike Rathke erack at
Fri Dec 19 07:02:16 PST 2014

Hi Richard,

On Friday, 2014-12-19 14:18:36 +0100, Richard PALO wrote:

> > warn:vcl:101172:1:vcl/generic/fontmanager/fontconfig.cxx:868: In glyph fallback 
> > throwing away the language property of en because the detected script for '0x9f
> > 3' is Bengali and that language doesn't make sense. Autodetecting instead.

That warning is only indirectly related because something may trigger
initialization of liblangtag for an unknown locale value, I've seen it
without any crash. Adapted subject..

> My locale is fr_FR.UTF-8 on SunOS 5.11 under pkgsrc.
> it's coring with:
> 	sigmask = 0xffffbefc,0xffffffff,0x000001ff
> 	cursig = SIGSEGV
> Coredump indicates:
> > 08045fb8`LiblantagDataRef::setup+0x4c(fe5b5bdc, fe5b5bdc, 
> > fe5b5a1c, 804605c)
> > 08046128`LanguageTagImpl::canonicalize+0x784(e34a900, 0, 
> > fe59b58b, fe5b28bc)

That is the actual top of the backtrace?
There isn't much in i18nlangtag/source/languagetag/languagetag.cxx
LiblantagDataRef::setup() that could go wrong. The only thing that comes
to mind is that LiblantagDataRef is a static instance initialized with

namespace {
struct theDataRef : public rtl::Static< LiblantagDataRef, theDataRef > {};

which for some reason may not work on SunOS / your compiler combination.
As probably no one is using that here, you'd have to break in
LanguageTagImpl::canonicalize() line 1204 where
theDataRef::get().incRef() is called (or in the
LiblantagDataRef::incRef() inline) and investigate what actually happens
the very first time when the incRef() calls setup()

Other than that maybe the lt_db_initialize() call misbehaves, but since
that is not in the backtrace..

However, only a step-through could provide insights.


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