Questions about order of function for "Last used" category (Calc)

julien2412 serval2412 at
Mon Dec 22 02:44:30 PST 2014


Following the fix of fdo#87558 (see, I noticed that the
order of function in category "Last used" was different between menu Insert
Function/icon Insert Function, where the functions are sorted
alphabetically, and Sidebar/Functions where:
- functions are not sorted at all
- once you used a function,which wasn't on Last used, you must double click
on sidebar Function to see the function appear
- the last one is not always at the top
(behaviour from master sources updated yesterday)

In brief, I suppose we'd like the same behaviour between Insert function
from Sidebar and not Insert function from other but, what should it be
orderered or not?

Also, would it be interesting to use a set instead of a vector so no need to
check that function is already in Last used container? (but can we control
the order in this case?)


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