[Bug 83795] Add UI for Wearable devices to the Impress Remote for Android

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--- Comment #6 from Efstratios Kamadanis <kam.stratos at gmail.com> ---
> You might push your changes to gerrit even while your
> working on it so that others can have a look at your code.

I could use some help on that since it is my first time contributing on an open
source project and using git and I don't want to cause any trouble.So far I
created an account at gerrit.libreoffice.org, managed to connect over ssh and
sent a license statement at libreoffice at lists.freedesktop.org. 

-Do I have to wait to get added on the developer and contributor list? 

According to wiki,submitting requires something like    

git checkout -b <a_local_branch_name_of_your_choice>
git add file [file ...] # all the new files _and_ changed files
git commit
git push origin <a_local_branch_name_of_your_choice>:refs/for/master

-Would "wear" be an appropriate local branch name?
-Do i have to add all the changed/new files manually or is there a way to
automatically check those files?
-Is libreoffice-dev channel a more appropriate place to ask questions like
those above?(if it is I apologize for spamming those in the cc list)

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