remove_if for nothing in dbdata.cxx (sc module)

julien2412 serval2412 at
Sun Dec 28 08:08:57 PST 2014


I noticed this part:
    889 void ScDBCollection::DeleteOnTab( SCTAB nTab )
    890 {
    908     remove_if(maAnonDBs.begin(), maAnonDBs.end(), func);
    909 }

"remove_if" is useless since there's no erase.
I thought about adding an "erase" by taking example of this
but AnonDBs doesn't have an ad hoc erase method (like NamedDBs, but this one
has a "simple" erase method), see

Should we remove this line? Should we add an ad hoc "erase" method to
implement erase-remove idiom in NamedDBs + AnonDBs?

Any thoughts?


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