[GSOC] Tiled Rendering, ahunt, Weekly Report 06 / WK26

Andrzej Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Tue Jul 1 02:05:14 PDT 2014

Hi All,

-- Tiled Rendering --
* Merged the LOK tiled rendering changes (+ gtktiledviewer) to master.
* Calc Tiled Rendering (now on feature/calctiledrendering2 after some
   more rebasing and squashing):
** Fixed Scaling of the grid, i.e. correct units (some TWIP/100th mm
** Scaling for the draw layer -- images now scaled and in correct place.
** Tried to get the column/rowbars synced up with the new scaling, not
    quite there yet (still digging into this).
** Fixed selection of cells to be rendered -- selecting too large a
    tile could result in cells beyond what would be visible on a normal
    screen not being rendered, we now adjust the "visible area" to
    ensure that all cells in a tile are rendered. (I.e. this happens if
    you have a large tile that is "zoomed out").

--Paris Hackfest--
* Impress Remote:
** Got rid of a memory leak from 2 years ago (I was probably thinking
    in Java at the time).
** Added some "management" of remotes, i.e. the ability to remove
    authorised remotes again (previously allowing a remote meant it
    would be able to connect to LO forever, without any possibility of
    removing it).
** Misc. minor polishing:
*** Got rid of an annoying flickering of the dialog (changing
     visibility of controls that are overlayed over the current control
     in Paint() is a pretty bad idea it seems, as that results in a
     virtually infinite of Paint() calls, causing the flickering).
*** Pin entry now empty rather than pre-filled with 0.
*** Pin entry gets focus when remote selected.
* Some digging into firebird:
** Memory Mangement & References lessons...

-- Andrzej

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