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Hi ,

The feedback I'm getting is tremendous. 

Traders are raving about Binary Matrix Pro (BMP) and its unique Social Performance Reporting feature already.

Nobody -- and I really mean NOBODY -- has ever done anything like this before!

And it's living up to claims that it's probably the best thing to ever happen to Binary Options trading.

I mean, you get to see the LIVE trading results from other traders taking the same signals you're also seeing. How cool is that?

[Click here to see the proof](

You can see with just 1 GLANCE how many traders took the signal you just saw.

How many profited. How many lost.

And the percentage of winners too! (which right now is holding firm at 81% overall)

In other words: with BMP's Social Performance Reporting, you'll see EXACTLY what's going on with each and every signal!

That's incredibly powerful knowledge to have. 

You know the system is working. (720+ signals/day)

You know other traders are winning too! (81% winners)

And if you STILL have any doubts ...

... you can double-check the numbers are verified by independent third-party authenticator Their seal of approval certifies that Binary Matrix Pro's own trading account is real and delivering the reported results!

But don't just take my word for it. Check out the evidence for yourself:

[Get all the evidence here](

And it gets even better!

As part of the launch, Binary Matrix Pro is offering you some really enticing freebies:

$300 Free Bonus Credit: A full $300 signals credit that's good for 12,500 signals. Signals credit is equivalent to cash and there's NO credit card required to receive this bonus.

Use BMP for about an hour a day and you'll find this credit lasts over 2 months.

Here's how it works:

1\. A new signal that arrives every few minutes. (Just watch the LIVE updates on the page as the results are posted). And then ...

2\. Each signal debits your signals credit by $0.01. That's it!

You can take the trade or not, but the signal cost remains the same. You can always buy more credit down the road, of course ...

... but there's no need to worry about that for a LONG time with $300 bonus starting credit!

[Sign up today, NO credit card required:](

You'll want get your BMP software license as soon as you can ...

Because the selected brokers BMP trusts can match only a certain number of winning BMP traders against the losers taking the other side. (Order matching is what a broker does -- there are always 2 sides to every trade. With BMP you'll be the side MAKING the money, not losing it).

But if there are too many BMP traders ALL trying to get through the same door at the same moment to grab another winner ...

...  then not everyone can get fills on their orders!

BMP has built in safeguards to limit signups BEFORE performance is impacted. 

But when that safety trigger is tripped, that means SOME traders will be left on the outside looking in. 

Now of course, as the hand-picked brokers' businesses grow ...

... then BMP can then take on additional traders. But do you really want to be stuck waiting around for THAT ...

... when you can start winning TODAY with 81% accuracy?

[So get access now. Get your license before there's ANY risk of getting locked out!](

All the best,


P.S. I'm hearing this is the HOTTEST Binary Options product on the Internet right now!

You see, sign-ups are coming in at RECORD pace as traders realize the power and convenience of Social Performance Reporting. (Plus the confidence that comes with the proof of a third-party verified LIVE account!)

So that's GREAT for the traders who are able to get in.

But BMP has just emailed me that they're quite serious about limiting access if the software becomes TOO popular in the short term.

In fact, they're already hinting they might drop the $300 signals credit to $300 sooner than expected.


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