[Review] Lionss: Website for string search

Riccardo Magliocchetti riccardo.magliocchetti at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 00:55:02 PDT 2014

Hello Mat,

Il 06/07/2014 02:05, Mat M ha scritto:
> Hello
> An old thread started in l10n list about improving translations. This
> lead to a cross-post to the dev ML [0], where I said I will implement a
> web interface to search for GUI strings, find their usage and opengrok
> them.


> Some time later, I eventually did (apart of) the job [1], which is
> reachable through [2].
> With the kind comment of Michael M in [3], I decided to push to gerrit [4].

What about packaging it as a python application so that it is 
installable with pip?

> Next steps are:
> * Review :)

 From a quick look you have some whitespace issues highlighted by 
gerrit, also classes should start with a Capital letter.

In config.py why not being explicit creating gg_settings?

gg_settings = [dict(pattern_prefix = '<property name="label" 

also why not moving each variable declaration on its own line?

Haven't looked at the real code yet

Commenting here because am totally failing at understanding how to 
promote my draft comments on gerrit :|


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