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Hi Mahesh,

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On Friday, 2014-07-11 12:28:43 -0000, Mahesh Patil wrote:

> Mac OS Xcode has such tools which tell you memory leaks with exact num of bytes and it's allocation function.
> I found some memory leaks but main problem is that I build static library on mac and ConvertData is duplicate struct and class. So this causes problem ConvertData destructor is not called properrly so I rename one of them in scaddin.One random crash also found but I don't know how to contact mac os developer on libreoffice. I know exact proble I fixed also..

I see struct ConvertData in include/vcl/salctype.hxx and class
ConvertData in scaddins/source/analysis/analysishelper.hxx
Both should be independent from each other, i.e. scaddins does not see
the vcl struct or vice versa. Anyway, renaming the scaddin one helped in
your static library case? (whyever you build a static lib is beyond my


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